Buying a used car, 10 Things you need to know!

used Mercedes Los Angeles

Shopping for a used car is not stressful as you think it is. You just know how to do it and the right people to deal with. It is exciting and satisfying if done right. Not all used cars are the same but new cars are all the same. You can buy new cars over the phone but not used cars.

1. First is to really assessed what you need or want on a car before choosing one. Looks make may not only the reason for it.
2. Do your homework at home to save you time by checking different vehicles online and calling dealerships to confirm availability.
3. Make sure you see and test drive the vehicle.
4. Take a look at some vehicle too. Your final decision comes from when you see and drive the vehicle that you feel its the right one.
5. Get a second opinion like a friend or borrow the vehicle for your trusted mechanic to check.
6. If your set on the vehicle. Financing depends on your credit and what options available for you. Dealership has better options
for finance because of their relationship with creditors and the number of application they send to them. If you have a credit
union or bank that would finance you then go ahead and compare which one gives you the best option.
7. Also understand that the higher the down payment the lower the monthly payment, vice-versa. Depends what works for you.
8. Signing documents and contract should be something that you have to understand and take into consideration. Always ask questions
if you don’t understand. Optional products will be offered to you. I suggest Extended service and Gap are the top important ones.
9. Before you leave the dealership, make sure you double check the car like spare tire, tools, lights etc.
10.Good luck and hope you are happy with your purchase.