Electric cars are emerging as an option to go green to an era of rebuilding our mother earth in a world of pollution that is taking over us everyday in different aspects of our lives from a simple thing to complex sources of whatever it is that makes the environment filthy. The answer is here, cheap and simple mechanics. Electric car makers like Tesla and other well known manufacturers are leaning towards a cleaner emission cars to entice the environmentally concerned consumer. As to date this vehicle are performers in their respective class having only the distance capacity as an issue but is considerably somethingRead More →

Shopping for a used car is not stressful as you think it is. You just know how to do it and the right people to deal with. It is exciting and satisfying if done right. Not all used cars are the same but new cars are all the same. You can buy new cars over the phone but not used cars. 1. First is to really assessed what you need or want on a car before choosing one. Looks make may not only the reason for it. 2. Do your homework at home to save you time by checking different vehicles online and calling dealershipsRead More →

  Out of State Car Financing By Brian Tucker, MBA In unstable economic times, consumers tend to get creative when it comes to major purchases. Regional economies dictate the costs of major ticket items: cars, homes and rental properties and these items vary in price, from region to region. Is it feasible to purchase a car in another state? According to Consumer Debt Expert, Steve Rhode of the Huffington Post, Looking to Finance a Car, securing auto financing is going to be easier, for 2013. This should hold true for consumers interested in securing loans for used cars. Being in California and having family inRead More →

Marketing used cars in Los Angeles to women capitalizes on a unique problem: How do used car dealerships create appealing marketing campaigns targeting the women of Los Angeles? To address this question used car dealerships need to ask the following questions: · Which used cars appeal to Los Angeles women? · How do we utilize the power of Social Media Marketing to create innovative campaigns that would appeal to Los Angeles women? Los Angeles Used Car Dealers first need to honestly ask themselves that question and since I already work at a Los Angeles Used Car Dealership and after input from conversations with our salespeopleRead More →

The city of Angeles (Los Angeles) contains millions of used cars for sale. Having just recently, returned to this huge metropolis from a fifteen-year hiatus, I was perplexed with the problem of having to find a quality used car. In those fifteen years, I lived with public transportation, bicycles and motorcycles and I lived in cities that owning a car is not required. Having a car in Los Angeles is a necessity even though I’m on motorcycles ninety-percent of the time. And if you were wondering, I was living in the following cities: Oakland, San Francisco, New York City, Munich, Augsburg and Hamburg. Here’s what IRead More →

NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                    Monday, March 25, 2013 “NEW FACE OF KARPLUS”   The “New Face of Karplus” is a bold strategic marketing campaign initiative designed to enhance Karplus Warehouse industry image for First Quarter 2013. We’re using “reselling” and “repackaging” to assertively sell our cars, trucks and suv’s targeting the used cars in Los Angeles sector.   Further information is available about the company from its website: www.888karplus.com Tweet This Post